Hi, After using a dozen wire pegs on a windy day I am hooked. Hoping you do pay pal. Please reply as I would like 3O heavy wire pegs. Cheers Claire

what a great thing these pegs are they are packed in the motor home ready for take off in 8 days we tried them and they leave NO peg marks what a great camping asset had to let you know .ps our friends will be in touch after christmas thanks for a great product kind regards Joanne

Hello are you in any markets near Mt Druitt / Blacktown area in the next few weeks? I bought some pegs from the pcyc Sharley market and they are fantastic.

I emailed you some time ago and would like SOME MORE wire pegs which are fabulous in our windy area.

It's gone through this time - thanks for your reply. I bought some for Christmas, gave some to my daughter and mum, but I find I don't have enough to ditch my old wooden pegs yet, hence the top-up! Also my husband is threatening to 'borrow' some for holding his woodwork projects together during making...

I received an order for 2dz pegs in my web shop from you and the payment is gone through into my paypal account. The payment status in my web shop says declined. I don't really know what that means now, it might just be a glitch in the system. Would you like me to send you the ordered pegs, or would you like a refund of your money? - Hi Not sure either what happened there? Yes please send the pegs - for my daughter. These are a great product. Every time I get them I end up giving them away and have to order more. Regards Anna

Just got my wire pegs today and I am so happy with them. They are super strong and easy to use. I will definitely be buying these for all my friends upcoming birthdays. Supporting local business and reducing my use of plastic -it's a win win! Thanks again, Jeralyn.