Grade 304 variety bag to try out the 7 different grade 304ss wire pegs

The 7 different grade 304 wire pegs include: 1.The normal ones 1.8mm wire diameter, 6cm long (your normal clothes pegs). 2.The stronger ones 2mm wire diameter, 6cm long (for windy areas). 3.The strongest ones 2.3mm wire diameter, 6.4cm long (very strong wire pegs for various applications). 4.The longer ones 2mm wire diameter, 7.6cm long (some people prefer these ones as their normal clothes pegs). 5.The strong longer ones 2.3mm wire diameter, 7.6cm long (various applications). 6.The large ones 2.3mm wire diameter, 8.5cm long (also called dooner pegs, various applications). 7.The wire hook pegs 2mm wire diameter, 9.5cm long (various applications).
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