Grade 201 variety bag to try out the 9 different grade 201ss wire pegs

The 9 different grade 201ss pegs that are included are: 1.The tiny ones 1.3mm wire diameter, 4.3cm long (I use them mainly for sawing works to hold the materials together instead of pins). 2.The weaker ones 1.5mm wire diameter, 5.4mm long (a good alternative to save on clothes pegs, - they still have the strength of your normal plastic or wooden pegs). 3.The normal ones 1.75mm wire diameter, 5.8cm long (your normal clothes pegs). 4.The stronger ones 2mm wire diameter, 5.8cm long (for windy areas). 5.The very strong ones 2.2mm wire diameter, 6.2cm long (various applications). 6.The longer ones 2mm wire diameter, 7.6cm long (some people prefer these as their clothes pegs). 7.The large ones 2.3mm wire diameter, 8.5cm long (some people call them doona pegs). 8.The large bent ones 1.8mm wire diameter, 9.5cm long (various applications). 9.The hook pegs 1.8mm wire diameter, 9.5cm long (various applications).
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