Q: Hi Just wondering if you would be kind enough to let me know where your pegs are made? Thanks for your attention. Trish
A: Hi Trish, thank you for your interest in the wire pegs. They are made in China, the only place in the world where I found them. To my knowledge nobody makes them here in Australia. If you find these pegs made here in Australia, please let me know. Thank you. Kind regards Waldemar

Q: Are the pegs okay to leave outside on the clothes line all the time?
A: Hi Ness, I will try to answer this question as good as possible after being in this business for almost 4 years. Are 'the pegs' okay to leave OUTSIDE on the line all the time? 'the pegs'? The question is: 'which pegs'? There are grade 201, 304 and 316 stainless steel wire pegs. That means 3 different qualities of stainless steel wire the pegs are made from.
The marine grade ones - grade 316 ss - the best pegs in the world in my opinion - YES - you can leave them out there all the time.
The grade 304 ones? Depending on the amount of salt and chemicals in the air at your location - may be - most likely.
The grade 201 ones? They cannot cope with too much salt or chemicals in the air. For example: I had complaints from people living close to the ocean - leaving the pegs outside all the time - about the pegs developing some surface rust after a few weeks or months. On the other hand: My friend in Manilla - 250km inland near Tamworth in NSW - dry place - has his grade 201 ss wire pegs out there on his clothes line now for almost 4 years - and they are still okay. Here comes the good news:
If your pegs have developed some surface rust after being exposed to extreme conditions for too long they are not lost! Just throw them into a bath of CLR (cleaning product you can find in hardware stores) for maybe 2 weeks and they will come out like new. You can then use them indoors and get the better grade for outdoors. I hope this answer helps you decide which pegs to get. Kind regards Waldemar wirepegs.com

Q: Hi Wire Pegs, We just purchased a pack of your 316 stainless pegs. We've found that they do have magnetic properties which we wouldn't expect of 316. Is it possible that we were not supplied the 316 (although the bag says that they are)? We live costally and will use these at home and on the boat. Thank you Beth
A: Hi Beth, thank you for buying wire pegs from me and trusting in my brand. Rest assured that they are grade 316. It is a very complex process to make these pegs, and one of the properties that change in the stainless steel wire, when it is cold bent, is that it becomes attracted to a magnet. The grade 201 wire pegs are just a very little bit attracted to a magnet, or not at all; the grade 304 more, and the grade 316 the most. Kind regards Waldemar

Q: Hi, I have received a bag of your wire pegs as a gift and wanted to know if I can leave them on the line outside? I think they are the normal ones. I don't live near the sea. Thanks, Leah
A: It is not enough to say: "If you are not near the ocean you can leave them outside on the line" because there are streams of salty air that go far inland and because of them - if you leave your normal grade 201 ss wire pegs outside on the clothes line they may develop some surface rust. In other words: Everyone has to find out for themselves if they can leave their pegs outside on the line at their location. Grade 304 ss is a much better grade (food grade) and can cope a lot better with salt or chemicals in the air, and grade 316 (marine grade) ss is simply the best grade ss wire pegs and can be used even on boats or very close to the ocean. Here comes the good news: If you find out that your wire pegs develop surface rust at your location outside on the clothes line, it is still possible to use your pegs. You can throw the pegs into a bath of CLR (cleaning product you can find in hardware shops) and leave them in there for 2 weeks or so, and they will be like new. You can then use them indoors and buy better grade ss wire pegs for use outside on the clothes line. I hope this will answer your question and if there are any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. Kind regards Waldemar