cocky proof pegs

Just in time for Christmas I got an important research result in from my valued customers. Thank you so much: Subject: Your Wire Pegs vs the Cockies - Who Won?? Hi, You very kindly sold us some of your wire pegs at half price at a market a few weeks ago because we mentioned that we have cockies that regularly sit on our clothes line and occasionally play at releasing the clothes from the pegs and watching as the socks and undies fall to the ground. We promised to give you some feedback, so here it is. Well, we've been using your pegs and so far nothing has escaped from beneath them. I think that the cockies don't like the pegs because they are too difficult to grasp in their beaks and they are slippery too. So, I think you can safely say that your pegs are officially cocky proof. Thanks, and good luck with your future sales. Kind regards Saskia